A fun and engaging CAFS resource on factors affecting wellbeing that can be used for teaching either online or face to face in the classroom! This resource was designed to help CAFS students understand the factors that affect wellbeing. It includes a PowerPoint presentation that students can read through and then apply their knowledge to […]
To submit an application, email NESA with the subject line: ‘Higher level accreditation'. Visit the NESA website for more information on applying. Taking a break from teaching. Apply for a future leave of absence in eTAMS. Visit the NESA website for information on taking a leave of absence including how to back date a leave of absence.
• Year 11 courses are assumed knowledge for the HSC Examination. 3. What is an Assessment Mark? • An Assessment Mark represents your achievement of outcomes listed in the syllabus for each course studied. 4. What is the purpose of Assessment Marks? • To allow a wide range of subject skills and knowledge to be assessed. What is the HSC minimum standard? NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has implemented the HSC minimum standard to help ensure that students have the key literacy and numeracy skills for life after school. Students in New South Wales will need to demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC credential from 2021.
Where Preliminary and HSC Courses exist for a subject, satisfactory completion of the Preliminary Course or its equivalent, is a prerequisite for entry into an HSC Course. 2. The Higher School Certificate Courses - Generally covers the material on which the students will be examined at the Higher School Certificate Examination.
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