built fireplace that will allow the insert to phys-ically fit into the firebox. Refer to page 6 for minimum fireplace clearances. If the factory built fireplace* height is too low for your Insert, you may remove the smoke baffle plate and damper from the factory built fireplace as long as these items are saved and are reinstalled in
To start a fire, you must have the damper in the full-open position. After the fire has started, close the damper as far as possible without causing smoke to back Fireplaces without dampers or with faulty dampers can be retrofitted with new dampers. Unlike the style of damper located immediately above...
Fireplace damper repair cost for minor repairs is lower than damper replacement cost. But because repairs sometimes require more labor than replacement, the Not only will it make your fireplace more safe during a fire, but it will seal tighter and can save energy when not in use during the cooling season.A fireplace damper plate is the piece of metal or ceramic that opens or closes to allow or prevent air to pass Fireplace damper lids are used to keep out the critters, bugs and other birds from entering into the fireplace flue shaft. Here is a short instructional on how to remove your fireplace damper lid.
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