pymavlink examples, Pymavlink. This is a Python implementation of the MAVLink protocol. It includes a source code generator (generator/ to create MAVLink protocol implementations for other programming languages as well.
-map: auto-refresh tiles after 1 month -mavsearch is now in pymavlink -joystick: support the 'Basic' RealFlight controller -map: added arrows from Randy for copters -map: added support for 3 vehicle types, with 3 position sources -camera: added fullres option -mavflightview: added --rawgps option -support RADIO_STATUS message -added CRUISE ...
ATC (ArduSub Tow Camera) from Spot X Underwater Vision. Demonstration of mission/line following in auto mode running on pixhawk hardware for ArduSub.本次以ArduSub为例介绍如何向APM固件中添加新的飞行模式以方便后续开发,其他车辆类型操作相似,本篇也可用作参考。 参考资料: Adding a New Flight Mode. Creating newflight mode in Ardusub
ardusub entry 1. 2034 anos atrás. A solar powered autonomous submarine that explores and measures FishingROV #99 Ardusub guts + PI cam test. 2031 anos atrás. Playing with the rov guts.
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Multi craft aptitude test

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